Modular Products

Guard railings, balustrades, escape stairs, pipe trays etc…

O’Carroll Engineering’s reputation has been built on standard architectural metalwork projects such as internal & external steel & glass railings, balustrades, balconies and escape stairs.

We are happy to fabricate to client specifications or value engineer products based on finishes & fitting requirements. Products are off-site fabricated and can be tailored to modular building techniques.

Our advanced cutting machinery, work processes, and finishing capabilities enable us to produce large qualities of standardised or tailored railings, stairs, holding down frames for solar farms, custom pipe trays, skids and security railings etc. at competitive prices.  We also offer feature fabrications such as commercial canopies, pergolas and bus shelters.

We use modern fabrication techniques to enable our clients manage their metalwork projects more efficiently & cost effectively. By taking a ‘holistic value engineering view’ on all projects we not only look at the structure and materials of a product but also how solutions can be efficiently installed, how we can use technology to expedite the design and approval process, bring clarity to project schedules and how we can enable site times be streamlined with less demands on key site resources.


Construction (including off-site construction), hospitality, pharma, health, education, tech, commercial and retail.


Mild & stainless steel, aluminium and glass.


Raw, primed, wet spray, galvanised and powder coated.

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