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Balcony Balustrades  

OCE offer a variety of railing options and designs, from standard to custom depending on client need, building regulations and structural requirements.


Our most popular option is a fabricated powder-coated aluminium vertical balustrade system.  Integrated with our powder-coated fascia and secured to the structural framing of the balcony.  All with hidden fixing details for a clean, crisp but rigid finish. We are happy to tailor railings to a client’s design brief.

  • Extruded aluminium flats verticals at max. 100mm centres. Support angles are fixed to the balcony framing with concealed screw ports.
  • The base of each vertical flat is filled with a matching machined powder-coated aluminium cap and topped by an extruded aluminium handrail track and cap handrail. Again no visible fixings or welds.
  • Standard RAL (Class 1) powder-coated finish to the colour of choice.

Base-anchored, clear/opaque toughened, laminated (heat-soaked) safety glass, dry-fixed into an extruded aluminium base fixing system

  • Powder-coated aluminium flashings & trims to conceal the base channel
  • 316 grade brushed stainless steel profile handrails include all necessary gaskets, elbows and end-cap, secured over the glass
  • A dry fit’ system enabling safe and easy access for maintenance or glass replacements if required (from inside the balcony).

Mild steel galvanised finished railings are also a standard within our range

  • The standard design is a combination of vertical flat uprights and fla handrailing but options can be tailored to client-driven design if required.
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