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Offsite or Modular Manufacturing

By reducing waste, improving energy efficiency, minimising  site travel and enhancing resource management our balcony products not only offer time/cost saving to our clients but they contribute to our sustainable goals as a company.


  • Precise & controlled production significantly reduces material waste, any excess materials are recycled.
  • Streamlined production leads to improved energy efficiency.
  • Combined offsite construction greatly reduces on-site construction activities, accelerates the program, reduces energy consumption, maximises the efficiency of on-site resources and minimises disruption to local communities.
  • Minimises travel carbon footprint by reducing the number of required visits to the site.

Metals & Glass

While the materials used in the balcony product have an impact on the environment, we work with suppliers who are working to reduce this impact in any way they can.


  • Our suppliers of mild steel and aluminium extrusions endeavour to reduce the carbon footprint of their products by sourcing raw materials from markets as close as possible rather than carbon-heavy imports from Asian markets. Up to 3.5 times better than the industry norm, our suppliers not only endeavour to reduce their carbon footprint they are also implementing new procedures and utilising new technologies to reduce energy and water consumption.
  • Our glass suppliers recycle waste, have installed a water recycling facility in production, have invested in solar energy and switched to LED lighting to reduce its overall environmental impact.
  • Through our processes, we minimise waste on materials used in manufacturing, what waste is produced is recycled.

Composite Decking Components

Environmentally friendly our supplier’s composite decking is made from:


  • 60% wood fibre, most of which is sourced as recyclable waste from other industries.
  • 30% HDPE (high-density polyethylene) which includes recycled plastic. Every length of our composite decking contains the equivalent of 170 recycled 500ml plastic bottles.
  • 10% additives/pigments.

Aluminium Decking

  • Our suppliers use 67% recycled aluminium to manufacture their decking products.
  • Actively sourcing from markets as close to their facility as possible to reduce transport carbon footprint.
  • Their future aims will be to transition to using 100% recycled, post-consumer aluminium billets for all of their extrusions.
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