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OCE use powder-coated, folded aluminium panels to form soffits on our apartment balconies.


  • The soffits are designed to greatly enhance the visual appeal of the overall aesthetic of an apartment development.
  • While primarily concealing the structural elements of the balcony they may also have an integrated function of controlling water egress from the balcony.
  • Standard RAL (Class 1) powder-coated finish.

OCE Modular Balconies™ Divider | Privacy Panels

OCE offer a variety of divider panel options from solid and painted, glass to perforated. A typical detail is outlined below.


  • Fabricated galvanised and painted capped steel posts are bolted at the base to grounds within the steel balcony frame using stainless steel button-head bolts.
  • Steel connection lugs/tabs welded to posts at required centres are ready to receive powder-coated perforated aluminium divider screens using stainless steel button-head bolts.
  • OCE free-sanding divider screen design does not require additional support from the building.
  • All visible welds are consistent and spatter free.
  • Standard RAL (Class 1) powder-coated finish.
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