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Open-Support | VE + or – soffit

This ultra-slim, open-support design is a quick install system available in two styles of structure – with or without a soffit.

The fully finished, certified modular balcony is supported by exposed architectural cantilevered beams.  The supports are secured to the building using a tailored anchor system specific to the build method. As the balcony rests on the support beams it is an economical option as super quick to install.

With soffit

NO soffit

Guard Railing Options

Choose from our range of standard balconies featuring vertical aluminium or glass railings (refer to options below). We offer competitive pricing for client-specific railing designs, provided they adhere to building regulations. Please be aware that non-standard designs may incur additional costs. Additionally, our designs can be enhanced with solid or perforated divider panels.

Drainage System

Free draining, control drainage to front.


Folded powder coated aluminium soffit panels that work around the architectural support beams.


OCE Modular Balconies come with a variety of composite and aluminum decking options. Fire-rated and non-slip certified, available in several colour options (see below). Decking may be removed for replacement over time.

Size Options

In line with Private Amenity Space (PAS) guidelines – standards sizes are 5, 6 & 7  with a standard projection of approx. 1,500 mm. Sizes are optimised based on decking and guarding. Sizes can be adjusted to meet client design requirements but please note: multiple, varying sizes and shapes within a project may have an adverse cost effect.

Shape Options

Projecting, recessed, semi-recessed, corner, or terraced.

Fitting Sequence

Anchor, stubs and support beams. The balcony structure rests on support beams.


Balconies, soffit and railings can all be finished to standard RAL colours of choice.


Conforms to all relevant BS & Eurocode standards – see technical page for further information.

Suitable Builds Type

Precast slabs min 200 mm with a 75mm structural screed, cast-in-situ slabs (including post tensioned slabs), precast walling systems and steel frame builds. Solutions for most build types can be achieved and we are happy to discuss options on client-specific build methods and site conditions.

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