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Anchor Systems

Our anchoring systems are tailored to the project build method and available grounds.  Our in-house engineers and engineering partners have designed solutions using both proprietary and OCE solutions to meet client structural requirements.

Materials, corrosion, deflection, thermal performance, fire compliance and safety are integral considerations in the design process.

Early engagement on this element of the project is paramount to successful and efficient project results.  

      • Full structural design and ancillary cert. SD certification for balcony connector system provided by ‘Malachy Walsh & Partners Consulting Engineers our engineering partners.
      • Fully galvanised finish to fabricated stub connector assembly including all necessary galvanised fixing bolt sets (installed on-site by OCE).
      • OCE provide detailed set-out drawings accompanied by appropriate installation jigs (optional) to ensure the accuracy of fitting of anchor systems. OCE construction manager can be made available to supervise the initial fitting of anchors to ensure accurate and efficient installation across the project.
      • OCE anchor systems incorporate standard thermal break systems which can be tailored to specific project requirements.
      • The stub connector can be customised to suit the selected balcony anchor system if required. i.e. if anchors have already been installed.
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