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OCE modular apartment balconies are designed to align with modern methods of construction (MMC) with every detail focused on efficiency and speed of installation on-site.

Summary of a typical installation

  • In this example, the tailored anchoring system is included in the precast or cast-in-situ concrete. This is done by the contractor with the aid of spacing jigs provided by OCE.
  • Studs are attached at the appropriate time of the build to enable the closing of the envelope of the building without delays.
  • Scaffolding plans are simplified as they do not have to work around concrete decks in this type of installation.
  • Balcony support arms are attached to the stubs as the scaffolding system is dropped by floor levels
  • Offsite fabricated, fully finished modular balconies are transported to the site and craned quickly and efficiently into the final position.
  • Significantly reduces demand on key site resources throughout the build.
  • Full design & certification.
  • Supply only and supply & fit options.

Keys to achieving efficient installation

OCE work with our clients to ensure the most efficient use of on-site resources during installation, Maximising cost and time efficiencies for clients.

  • The number of balconies fit per day will vary based on balcony style and agreed minimum crane lifts.
  • Ongoing communication and coordination on project & manufacturing schedules
  • The delivery set-down area on days of installation
  • Agreed access to tower crane on scheduled dates with minimum lifts per day
  • Access to apartments on days of installation. We appreciate apartments may be finished and being closed off at this stage of the project but access is essential for fitting and can be a major source of delays.
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