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Aluminium Decking

All Aluminium


Heat Resistant

Weather Stable

Durable Finish

Colour Matched

Low Maintenance

A2 Fire Rated

Fire Resistance

The boards are manufactured completely from aluminium and are therefore fire resistant and non-combustible to A2-s1, d0, and A2fl-s1.


The system can be spaced to accommodate a variety of drainage systems, also available with an integrated drainage system.

Slip Resistance

Independently tested using the standard Pendulum Test Values (PTV’s) the product is classed as having “low-slip potential”


Unique invisible (structural) top clip system which can be installed from the top down. The board can also be trimmed down and remain structurally stable across the whole plank.


Designed to look like real decking.

Colour options available

OCE Modular Balconies can come with a range of decking options based on client requirements, and budget.

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