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Advantages to our clients

On full design projects we capture exact reality of site conditions and integrate that digital information with our drawing packages, cutting tools, communication and scheduling systems.

This enables us to communicate and collaborate with clients more efficiently, to compress the design process & schedules as well as identifying and eliminating potential conflicts and costs.

The benefits to client on these types of projects:

  • Emphasis is put on early engagement and full information, key deliverables are identified and rework or duplication through the process reduced
  • Information is shared in a 3-D model enabling teams to collaborate and communicate more effectively, we use ‘TeamViewer’ sessions to expedite approvals
  • Potential conflicts or mistakes are identified and avoided (potentially huge cost saving for clients)
  • Site preparations can be streamlined – site works completed in advance of installation of products. Installation times can be reduced as no trial fits.
  • Digital workflow scheduling brings transparency to timelines and milestone dates for all stakeholders. Schedules can be compressed with confidence.



3-D Scanning

3-D scanning produces millimeter exact measurement for the entire build environment. Datums are set and finish build-ups agreed.


3-D Scan




As it scans the machine produces a 3-d scan phot enabling your site to be virtually transferred to our offices. Each pixel is a usable measurement. Details are free to manipulate to whatever angle is required.


Site Survey



Our detailers then draw our product directly onto the site survey information. This ‘point cloud’ information not only enables us to design to exact measurement but if there are any conflicts or possible site issues they are identified early in the process and costs can be avoided.


Shared Screen







Online shared screen digital meetings through TeamViewer enable all relevant parties to view and comment on information together, this expedites the process and shortens scheduling. With finishes agreed and incorporated in the models produced on-site finishing can continue concurrently to fabrication as there is no trial fit required, further shortening schedules.









Digital scheduling using TeamGantt brings transparency and clarity to projects. Each contributor to the project is given clear milestone dates and the consequences of over-run on these dates on others become obvious.


End Result






On time delivery of fully designed and certified feature architectural products. Perfectly customised to site delivery efficiently and costs effectively.

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