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The Site Surveyor role is responsible for carrying out all site surveying requirements for O’Carroll Engineering (OCE). These requirements include visits to client and/or potential clients’ sites in order to determine suitability and ensure accuracy of projects. Surveys are carried out using 3D scanners, total stations, laser levels etc. combined with manual measurements and photographs where required.

The Site Surveyor will work closely with the ETD Manager, Lead Engineer and Drawing Manager, and will report to the Project | Construction Manager, as required, to ensure the smooth running of the site surveying process and maintain the highest level of standards. The Site Surveyor is ultimately responsible for ensuring all sites are surveyed accurately and relevant and appropriate information is provided to all relevant departments, as required. The Site Surveyor must ensure all OCE policies and procedures are adhered to at all times.  

Direction for the role of Site Surveyor:

  • Ensure accurate surveying of sites
  • Transfer of site 3D digital survey into required format to allow handover to Drawing Dept.
  • Complete quality control checks on imported 3D site survey scan information,
  • Record and share all critical information agreed on site,
  • Ensure all projects are being run in line with OCE requirements,
  • Manage timelines of projects to ensure tasks are completed effectively and efficiently,
  • Liaise, and share information with all relevant OCE team members,
  • Record surveying hours against jobs to ensure budgets are managed
  • As the main link between OCE and the project site, fostering good working relationships, and communicating clearly, with contractors, design team members, clients and their representatives,
  • Undertake all activities in a safe manner keeping in mind their own safety and those around them including members of the public
  • Liaise with ETD Manager and Operations Manager on site survey expenses,
  • Sharing and storing relevant information on the ETD Project Central Folder
  • Ensure compliance with ISO9001, EN1090 and all other relevant safety and quality standards

Competencies of Site Surveyor:

  • Previous work experience in a similar role
  • Proven competence in the use of total station and similar surveying equipment
  • Experience in AutoCAD or 3D drawing software essential
  • Ability to create and read technical drawings
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Ability to work as part of a team across various departments
  • Proven ability to multi-task
  • Flexibility to move between projects
  • IT experience to facilitate the use of MS Office works and Progress Plus

The Site Surveyor role requires domestic and international travel. The role requires flexibility to travel, often at short notice. The Site Surveyor is responsible for making their own travel arrangements, and such arrangements may be made using their own discretion in line with agreed surveying dates. However, at all times, ‘best value’ must apply, and where feasible and in keeping with the site surveying schedule, the cheapest flight and suitable accommodation options must be chosen.

The Site Surveyor role requires a minimum of 39 hours per week, Monday to Friday. However, your working week is not strictly defined as your salary is not calculated on the basis of completing a certain number of hours, but rather on the basis of you completing the requirements of your position.

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