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O’Carroll Engineering’s Values:
A technology-driven, innovative fabrication organisation which operates in a climate of trust, respect and safety, where employees and customers alike take pride in our work.

O’Carroll Engineering’s Mission:
OCE specialises in feature stairs, modular balcony solutions, industrial access systems and walkways. We enable clients to manage their metalwork projects cost effectively, by merging digital site information with advanced fabrication methods to produce tailored off-site solutions, aligned to modern building techniques.

O’Carroll Engineering’s Vision:
Position OCE as a leading ‘off-site fabrication solutions provider’ (specifically stairs & balconies) to modular/volumetric construction firms internationally.  

General scope of Health and Safety Officer:
The focus of the Health and Safety Officer is to ensure all health and safety regulations (legislative, best practice and internal) are adhered to and to maximise the safety, health and welfare of our employees, customers and visitors on our premises. The Health & Safety Officer must review all work practices, including facilities, employee practices and machine operations regularly, both off site and on site, to ensure the safety and wellbeing of employees, and to protect company assets. The Health and Safety Officer will act in the best interests of the Company at all times to safeguard its interests and the wellbeing of its employees.

Competencies for the role:
The Health and Safety Officer will work closely with the OCE production and supervision team leaders, and will report to the Operations Manager to promote a safety conscious environment. The Health and Safety Officer is ultimately responsible for the development and promotion of an environment where safety is at the core of all that we do. The Health and Safety Officer must ensure all OCE policies and procedures are adhered to at all times, and, must at all times, remain flexible in their role.

The role of the Health and Safety Officer is important and is one which will only flourish through effective relationship building. Great interpersonal and communication skills will be of vital importance to build effective professional relationships. Liaise with the relevant colleagues e.g. Facilities Management and Human Resources (HR) on a one-to-one basis to effectively communicate any matters.

The Health and Safety Officer must possess the following competencies to succeed in the role;

  • In-depth technical and working knowledge of OCE production processes.
  • Thorough practical knowledge of Health and Safety legislation and OCE’s obligations in adherence to this legislation.
  • Proven experience in implementing effective safety systems.
  • Experience in a manufacturing, production, site or workshop environment.
  • Analytical thinker and effective communicator with strong decision-making and problem-solving skills.
  • The ability to communicate effectively and influence decision-makers.
  • Efficient work-flow, time management, project management and reporting skills.
  • Strong and effective professional relationship-builder with excellent commercial awareness,
  • Excellent interpersonal skills and a team player.
  • Flexibility to move between projects and an ability to multi-task and prioritise.

Direction for the role:

  • Act as a Safety Ambassador actively promoting safety, health and welfare in the workplace,
  • Development and ongoing review of the Safety Statement, Risk Assessments and all other health and safety documentation, ensuring all colleagues are aware of the contents therein.
  • Provide guidance to all colleagues on health and safety matters, in a supportive and advisory manner.
  • Reduce number of workplace incidents through active management. Monitor accidents, incidents and near-misses to carry out root-cause analysis and establish trends.
  • Report any trends to senior management with a focus on corrective and preventative measures and act to eliminate any such trends.
  • Eliminate risks insofar as is reasonably practicable. Carry out ongoing reviews of risk assessments to ensure they are current and relevant. Ensure all colleagues are familiar with the risks associated with the work they carry out.
  • Coordinate a suitable risk assessment programme to identify existing, new and potential hazards and develop Standard Operating Procedures to control and manage risks.
  • Identify hazards within the workplace and raise concerns with facilities management in an effort to reduce risks of injury or damage to property.
  • Develop a plan for ongoing improvements, using effective measurement tools.
  • Highlight positive progress to promote importance of a healthy and safe work environment.
  • Make recommendations on Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to continuously improve the protection provided to all colleagues.
  • Implement and oversee weekly health & safety workplace audits to incorporate PPE, work practices, equipment, machinery and facilities.
  • Implement a scheduled, regular ‘Fire Walk’ and oversee the resolution of any matters arising from the ‘Fire Walk’, overseeing the implementation of any required actions.
  • Collaborate with the HR Department in identifying and responding to training requirements and upskilling opportunities within the organisation.
  • Work with the HR Department on matters relating to training, behavioural concerns and the Health and Safety Authority.
  • Carry out induction training with new employees as directed by the HR Department. Acting to promote the safety-first culture and inclusive work environment at OCE, and introducing all new employees to our way of work and key personnel within the workplace.
  • Act as a point of contact for any Health and Safety Representatives who may be appointed.
  • Develop and coordinate an Emergency Response Plan as suited specifically to OCE and act as the point of contact in the event of an emergency.
  • Work with the Facilities team to ensure a safe work environment at all times.
  • Promote and support initiatives to encourage a ‘safety-first’ workplace, e.g. deliver pro-active, informative, monthly toolbox talks on specific subjects.
  • Collaborate with production supervisors to ensure all safety concerns are addressed without delay.
  • Maintain and ensure all health and safety documentation is up-to-date in line with our ISO9001 and EN1090 certification, ensuring only ISO compliant documents are in circulation within the organisation.
  • Proactively engage in the acquisition and retention of certification such as ISO45001 and any other additional certification deemed suitable by management.
  • Keep up-to-date with relevant legislative changes, maintain a working knowledge of health and safety, and developments that may affect or improve operations within OCE.
  • Any other such duties, as may be deemed necessary by the Company from time to time.


Objectives of the role:

  • Assist OCE in achieving ISO45001 certification.
  • Develop a functioning health & safety auditing system.
  • Develop, implement and oversee the Company’s accident reporting system.
  • Establish metrics for reviewing safety levels at work.
  • Develop a system for the recording and storing of meeting minutes for weekly safety meetings, and all other meetings pertaining to health & safety within OCE, where relevant.
  • Develop a system for the recording and storing of minutes of all toolbox talks that take place within OCE.
  • Improve training programs for internal training.
  • Develop a system for delegating internal training, where possible.
  • Develop a system for delegating health & safety tasks, where possible.
  • Develop and define, in conjunction with the HR Department, the role of the Safety Representatives.
  • Review and advise, regarding health & safety compliance for main contractors.
  • Play a key role in health & safety for works completed, both on site and off site.


Opportunities within the role:

The Health and Safety Officer will be provided with support, direction, guidance, feedback and updates from the Senior Leadership, Production and Operations Management teams to complete their role to the fullest of its potential in line with the direction of the organisation.

Such opportunities include the provision of a safe and dignified work environment with the opportunity to implement ideas for improvement and encourage collaboration amongst our colleagues. The role will also be supported by means of the provision of all necessary tools, equipment, personal protective equipment and work processes. Our medium sized enterprise allows for progression within and across departments. Training and development is encouraged and the Health and Safety Officer will be supported in any relevant endeavours.

Motivation of the incumbent:
This role is best suited to a high performing individual wishing to work with an innovative and progressive organisation; someone who wants to be part of a team going from strength to strength. This person is motivated to achieve the highest standards in production and is provided with the appropriate feedback to do so.

This Job Specification is not exhaustive and is subject to change in line with business and operational requirements.

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O’Carroll Engineering is an equal opportunities employer.

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